6 Basic Steps to Start a Successful Blog in Blogger

08 January, 2014

6 Basic Steps to Start a Successful Blog in Blogger

What is Blogging

Blogging is the activity through which a person can share something which he knows to the others very regularly.He or she can blog on a variety of interests, a number of topics are available to blog about.I personally feel that, either the topic is related to tech or non-tech it doesn't matter.Select a topic on which you have interest or the topic which you know very well and then start to blog.

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Why to Blog

I assume that blogging is done for two things, one is "to share the knowledge which you have to the others in the world"-yes,the primary meaning of blogging is to share your ideas,your views on varied matters  which you encounter in your daily life.This the most important thing for which blogging is done.The second thing is "to earn money"-money is the fuel by which our engines(lives) work and everyone love it a lot.Through blogging the money which you can earn can be ranged from one dollar to some millions of dollars.

How to Blog

In this article I will be explaining how to start a blog.There will be 6 basic steps in order to start blogging.I will explain very clearly these 6 steps which have the below topics.
1.Choosing a platform
2.Decide about the content
3.Choose a name
4.Select a template
5.Learn basic things
6.Learn basic SEO

1.Choosing a Platform

The very first thing you should do is choosing a platform for blogging.You have to choose any one platform of either word press or blogger in order to start blogging.These two sites i.e., both blogger and word press are free blogging platforms.I personally recommend you to choose blogger as your option.In order to create an account in blogger you should have a g mail account.So, with your g mail id you can enter blogger and there you can create a blogger account.In blogger you can easily upgrade your blogspot to a new custom domain

2.Decide About the Content

After choosing the platform, the next important step is to choose the topic on which you want to blog.There are a number of topics to blog about i.e., you can do blogging about cooking, your personal experiences,about mobiles, about films, about automobiles, about latest technology trends etc.This depends on you and on your interest.I suggest you to take the topic which is very interesting not only for you but also for the readers.

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3.Choose a Name

Depending upon the name you take, choose a name for your blog and check it on your blogger whether it is available or not.The name you take should be eye catching and should be as short as possible so that the readers can easily identify or remember your blog name.It is advisable to take the name which is related to the topic on which you are about to blog.I advice not to use your personal names for the blog name as it may decrease the chances of readers to identify on what topic is the blog about.

4.Select a Template

Blogger offers a large number of free blogger templates to use and you select any one of the template which suits for your topic.Not only the templates offered by blogger, you can also get a wide range of free blogger templates of high quality and  with great designs.I recommend you to use a simple template which is user friendly, easy to navigate and SEO friendly.

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5.Learn Basic Things

While starting a blog you should know some basic things related to blogging which are compulsory things.That is to know about the working of blogger,about how to post, about how to change template, about how to design the layout, about how to check the stats and how to add pages etc.These are the very basic things that you should know and are of course very easy things.

6.Learn Basic SEO

SEO means search engine optimization, it is the heart of blogging.Though you have a loads of unique content and a number of articles but you are bad at SEO then they are read by only you.Starting from the keywords to inbound links,outbound links,on page optimization,image optimization etc one should learn many things about SEO and should implement in a step by step manner.You should be every time updated with the new algorithms of Google and latest SEO techniques.

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