How to Upload Pictures from PC to WhatsApp using Bluestacks

11 February, 2014

How to Upload Pictures from PC to WhatsApp using Bluestacks


For the readers who wanted to install whatsApp on PC, I have already written an article on how to install Whatsapp on pc in windows.WhatAapp is the most famous messenger with about 400 million monthly active users.It is free for the first year and charges 0.99 cents there after every year.
You can actually install Whatsapp through a software called Bluestacks and the whole process is very clearly explained in my previous article "how to install whatsApp on PC in windows".If you are unable to install Bluestacks then you check whether you have graphic card of at least 512 MB and also check whether your RAM is of 2 GB at the minimum.Read this article on how to fix Graphic card issue while installing Bluestacks.


Profile Picture

After installing Whatsapp on PC using Bluestacks, you may face some difficulty n uploading the picture to your whatsapp from the PC.So, here I am going to explain you the easiest way to upload a picture to your whatsapp from your PC.
Open your Bluestacks and you will find as below, then search for the "ES file explorer".



 Then you just need to install the "es file explorer".

After installing the "es file explorer" in Bluestacks, you will find something like this.There you can observe one folder named "bstfolder" which is important for us to change  or upload the picture from the PC to whatsApp through Bluestacks

After clicking on "bst folder", you will see pictures folder and if you click on that, all the pcitures that are saved in your computer's pictures folder are displayed.

So,out of the displayed pictures, click any of the desired picture of you and it will prompt asking you to choose by which it should open.Select ES image browser

 Then after opening the image, you should click on the top right corner dots.There you should click on the "share" and share that image to any of your friends through WhatsApp. And ask your friend to resend it to you.Then that image is saved in your WhatsApp gallery.

Now open your WhataApp in Bluestacks, then click on the parallel lines at the bottom left.Then Settings>Profile>Edit.

Now you are done.If you have any doubts,comment here.

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